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Our customers appreciate the fact that McLean Pool and Spa is a locally owned and operated company, with a longtime commitment to serving the Washinton Metro area.

Providing our customers with the best in pool services, from pool openings, seasonal care, cleaning, closings, maintenance repairs, renovations, and new pool construction.

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Now is the perfect time of the year to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know McLean Pool and Spa. Interested in a new pool company? We’d like to hear from you. Or, if you are thinking of making an investment in a pool, the coming season is a good time to call on us to consult with you on the design and construction possibilities.


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Pool Openings

McLean Pool and Spa has professional pool technicians that can get your pool clean and running like new in just a couple of visits.

McLean Pool and Spa Pool opening packages:

Standard Pool Opening

  • Remove, clean and store your winter safety cover
  • Re-assemble the filtration system and start the pump
  • Clean debris around the pool and deck (1/2 hour)
  • Re-install ladders and diving board
  • Analyze water and add chemicals as needed

Additional services for a Standard Pool Opening.

  • Spa service for a spa separate from the pool
  • Cleaning after the first 1/2 hour is charged by the hour
  • All chemicals used to open pool
  • Swimming pools with solid covers
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Supreme Pool Opening

  • All services in the standard opening
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Spa opening
  • 1 winter water treatment visit in March
  • All chemicals included

Additional services for a Supreme Pool Opening.

  • Spa service for spa attached to the pool (single filtration system)
  • Spa service for a spa separate from the pool
  • Swimming pools with solid covers
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Pool Closing Winterization

A complete Winterization includes:

  • Reduce water level
  • Remove leaves and debris from pool
  • Drain and clean filter, heater and other equipment
  • Blow out and plug return lines
  • Winterize skimmers
  • Remove ladders and other accessories
  • Install pool cover

Additional services for Winterization.

  • Vacuum swimming pool and spa
  • All chemicals to prevent freeze damage to plumbing (antifreeze, etc.)
  • Winterization kit for water. For larger pools MPS recommends additional chemicals and a 2nd water treatment in March.

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Pool Cleanings

Mclean Pool and Spa offers three types of cleanings.

On Demand Cleaning – McLean Pool and Spa is available to come out and clean your pool whenever you call and request a cleaning. Many pool owners find this helpful when they are hosting a party or other special event or a major storm has come through and left the pool in desperate need of some attention. Whatever your reason, call us and we will send one of our technicians out to clean your pool.

Bi-weekly Pool Cleaning – McLean Pool and Spa will send a technician every other week to clean the pool, check the balance of the water and make sure everything is running properly.

Weekly Pool Cleaning – McLean Pool and Spa will come out each week on the day of your choice and clean your pool, balance your water, and make sure everything is running properly.

All three cleaning options include the following services:

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Skim the surface of the pool
  • Clean out all skimmer baskets
  • Clean pump baskets
  • Visual inspection of filtration system for leaks
  • Remove debris from decks
  • Analyze water and add chemicals if necessary (chemicals are an additional charge).

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Winter Treatment Program

McLean Pool and Spa highly recommends scheduling at least one additional water treatment appointment during the winter months so your pool water is cleaner and ready to go when you open the pool in the spring.

Sign up for our Winter Treatment Program and a technician will come out and inspect your pool for the number of months you select (December - April). Services include:

  • Check & maintain water level in pool and spa
  • Balance water and add algaecide if needed
  • Inspect anchors and winter cover for other damage
  • Remove debris from cover and pool decking (1/2 hour)

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Pool Inspections

A fast growing market in the pool service industry is pool inspections. Mclean Pool and Spa is working with many of the major real estate companies in the area providing pool inspection reports for both buyers and sellers. If you plan to sell or buy a home in the next six months call us about receiving one of our detailed pool inspection reports. Our reports provide detailed information on the condition of the filtration systems, heater and pool structure. Our reports also provide repair estimates to help you make informed decisions.