A Pool is a Valuable Investment

We have a long history of making sure that all of our customers' pool service needs are met in the most cost effective and efficient manner to help you maintain your Return on Investment.

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Pool

It’s amazing how fast the pool and spa industry has grown and evolved in the last few years. There are new innovations in filtration systems, safety equipment, choices in materials, designs, fittings, tile, coping, plaster, and more.

Pool Renovations

Are you happy with the way your swimming pool looks? Are you planning to have any work done on your pool? Mclean Pool and Spa has been renovating swimming pools for over twenty years. We have a showroom for many of the products we use and we can get samples of tile and coping delivered to your home in just a few days. We have a history of professional quality renovations that include.

  • Replacing waterline tile
  • Replacing or resetting coping stones
  • Caulking
  • Plastering
  • Decking

Waterline Tile – We can replace old, cracked waterline tile around the perimeter of the swimming pool.

Coping Stone – We can replace old and damaged coping stones around the perimeter of your swimming pool or we can remove and reset your existing coping stones.

Caulking – Protect your pool by making sure you have a quality expansion joint with a polyurethane sealant on top. This is an important part of your pool, as it protects your pool from damage when the ground freezes. The urethane sealant helps keep water out of tight areas between the coping and the deck where it can freeze and crack the coping and concrete during the winter.

Plastering – If your pool surface is getting rough on your feet, small cracks are appearing in the plaster or it just looks stained and old it might be time for a new plaster. McLean Pool and Spa will inspect your pool interior surface and determine if cleaning, patching or a complete plaster is needed to restore the interior beauty in your swimming pool. We install the standard white plaster and we also work with color quartz, 3M Diamond Brite and the exotic River Rok finishes.

Decking – McLean Pool and Spa installs individual pads or we can replace your entire deck. We can install pavers or a smooth brush concrete finish depending on your preference.

Water Features

If you are looking to add a little pizzazz or fun to your pool, McLean Pool and Spa is an expert at installing all types of fountains and spillways in pools and spas.back to top

New Pool Builds

McLean Pool and Spa can work with you to design and build the custom pool of your dreams. We have experience building new pools and work with many designers and builders in our area.back to top